- by Maria Bunyemen I Entrepreneur, Economist, Artist & Author 

                                                                        - Founder and CEO of Marias Golden Eagle Group AB, Lidköping Sweden

                                                                        - Former Economics Advisor in the Swedish Parliament on the State budget, Tax system & Finances

                                                                        - Former Co-coordinator International Relations in Toronto, Canada

                                                                        - Masters of Science in Economics, with a Minor in Political Science (earned in Sweden & California USA)

                                                                        - Exchibited Artist in the Swedish Parliament & the Castle Stockholm

                                                                        - Currently also working in my brothers food truck on weekends just for the fun of it following my motto:

                                                                                                                          "Do what you want!"

                                                 "I have always taken myself to where I want to go, doing what I want & love, nomatter what. Wherever I have been standing in

                                                   life, did neither encourage nor disturb me. I have never allowed others projections frame my self-image, or any economic or social status                                                             block my way or impact who I am, how I feel, or what I do. 

                                                   In my personal and proffesional life I have helped many others to understand how to tap into their own feel-good emotions, shifting 

                                                   their thoughts and behaviours back to being in-tuned with themselves. And now I want to do that for you by reaching out this way

                                                   to all of you intersted in transforming yourself back into being YOU, improving your well-being & self-image. I will help you

                                                   through my art & books which speak to your heart &  mind and make you aswell create more wealth in your life; growing personally &                                                                 professionally. All products are available to you here via my publishing company Joyride Publishing & Art Design. 


                                                   I can show you as well how to tap into your own special feel-good emotions. From there you too can remove roadbloacks & take leaps 

                                                   and the necessary steps in order to reach your goals and achieve your dreams. How about that?

                                                   As you know, good art & books can be very powerful tools for self-improvement. And confidently I say to you that mine are! So make sure                                                       to grab the art or books you love in my online store (or why not both) and enjoy looking & reading - and feeling & remembering! Be sure                                                             though that my art & books can take you down your good memory lane, but you yourself have to do the work of making my products work                                                       for you. Get ready for the challenges truly changing yor life for the better - no more procastinating and putting your life on hold - get going                                                         today by cklicing below!" - kindly / Maria




- To make you Do what You TRULY want to!

Our Art is not only beautiful and attracts the eyes. It also gets your engine started as each piece also has its own story inspiring you with. As you know; a picture says more than a thousand words.

Get ready to sparkle up all of your senses thanks to the unique art put together by our artist Maria Bunyemen. Her vivid and beautiful style & vibes will do wonders for you now that you have the opportunity to have her art placed in your own home, or even office.

Just get your favorite art piece(s) and place it/them anywhere you like,. We promise that you'll be amazed at how her art will activate your inspiration and focus, allowing you to motivate yourself into being more productive, joyful and relaxed. 

  • ART:
    Calms, rejuvenites & lets you tap into your own special feel-good emotion. 

Our Books provide you with

powerful and inspirational models,

easy to learn through the

engaging writing style of our

author Maria Bunyemen.

She makes sure to ask you the

right questions vividely

so that you learn efficiently

while enjoying your reading

experience with her.

No more buying books

without reading. A book of hers

will truly make you read and help you

turn yourself into the winner that you are -

while also looking beautiful on

your digital book shelf!

  • BOOKS:
    Turns you into a high performer, saving your time & energy while supporting & developing yourself.


Nurturing Private & Corporate Solutions

eBooks, such as "Shake Your Moneymaker, are written to guide on the direction forward for both personal as well as organizational and business-oriented support & growth.

Nurturing Children Stories

Children's eBooks serving to strengthen self-awareness and self-esteem so that the children reading our books are even more equipped into being the beautiful once that each and every of them already is. 

Activating & Relaxing Art

Printable Art comes to you with instant and free delivery as digital downloadable products.

Shop, download, print yourself, or let a printing store help you, and that's it.

Now you are ready to place your art anywhere you like and transform any of your rooms or office spaces into motivational go-to's!

Do you want to be a winner in your life?

What are you waiting for? 


Work and live smart, not hard!

You see, it's not the number of hours you put in that weighs you down. It's something else.

We are here to help you re-boot yourself from old learnings and habits so you get rid of heavy burdens while finding out what you need to do/change in order to fully bloom out and be you; just the way you truly are.

Not more, not less! Because you are beautiful - that's it!

Make sure to let yourself shine through. Stop waisting your time and start acting now! Our products will support you along your way of growth with our art & books so that you truly start to enjoy living instead of trying to "survive the day" or "make ends meet". 

Enjoy the ride while focusing on your whereabouts and goals. Make our products work for you and hop onboard to enjoy your joyride.  

Visit our onlinestore, grab what you need and get going!

Take a sneak-peak of what's in store:

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Maria Bunyemen surely knows her economics and finances.  Anyone able to explain such complex topics so that even I understand is a communicative mastermind. And from her writing, I can tell that she is a natural-born leader inspiring me to become a better leader myself.

– Customer

Had a frustrating and stressful morning. But then I saw Maria Bunyemens' art online and was surprised at how her art made me smile. Truly shifted my day!

– Customer

An employee of mine showed me one of her paintings. I heard myself saying out load: "How much can I pay for it?"

– Customer

Maria Bunyemens' art is priceless. Needless to say more. 

– Customer

Maria Bunyemens' writing is impecable. Every word is weighted on a golden scale and put together with a golden thread, speaking directly to me like music to my ears. 

– Customer